Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Mic Testing

Hmmmm.. So I suddenly remembered that I have a blog. *sigh. I haven't even been here in three years. A lot of things definitely have happened between then and now and I hope you guys would kindly brush off the cobwebs and take a sit. I have no particular idea for this post so I will just wing it. Recently I was with a couple of friends and we argued back and forth on the possibility of someone's life changing within the blink of an eye. As a stock trader I know for a fact that this is indeed possible. An uptrending stock could change its course literally within the blink of an eye, which is why speed and focus is key if one is to succeed in the markets (I broke that down as much as I could).

Maybe in everyday living, my idea might be too dramatic but then, given that the events that lead to life shattering moments are take time to run their courses, doesn't the realization hit us within the blink of an eye. It is true that a lot of things can not be controlled but don't we owe it to ourselves to take care of those things within our capacity? I see careless living as the order of the day, it seems everyone's motto is to live on the edge, it is almost as if we forget that we don't own ourselves, we are only stewards of our bodies, time, money, everything. None really is ours. I am sure that if we constantly remember this, we would live differently.

After ascertaining (to a large extent) that our lives can indeed change momentarily, it is very key that we have goals and rules to live by. Ever checked the lives of highly influential people? they are principled and hardworking, as humans, we are creatures of habits and if you live a carefree life, your subconscious registers it and you find yourself finding it hard to adhere to simple rules that are enforced by external forces. Don't we all know one or two friends that are most likely going to show up late for their own wedding ceremonies? The book "Outliers" tells us about the 10,000 hour rule of success. Permit me to infer that if you spend ten thousand hours just living life as it comes, you will become so good at being undisciplined. And I believe we all know that no one likes an undisciplined person, I know I don't

 You owe it to the master to take care of yourself in every respect, your body, soul and spirit need to be well catered  for. Dress well, eat well, exercise, read good books, attend seminars, let the father be pleased every time you approach the throne of grace and of course you know you will find help in times of need. Remember, life is short and anything could happen the next second, so as  the boy scouts say, Be prepared! Salute!

I promise it won't take me three years to do another post.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Don't wait!!

I'll start this by saying it's really been a while. That was definitely too long a break! I believe i'm back and better. This is will be really short, i just thought about all the beautiful things we could have missed if someone did not do what they should have done t the right time. For instance, if your parents hadn't sent you to school, if you hadn't taken your early days at school serious and a lot of other things.
There's a saying that procrastination is the thief of time and it is so true. a lot of things get bad because we neglect them, we seem to always think there'll be time when really time is short.The funny thing is that after neglecting something for some time, you begin to feel somehow going back to it, supposing you were supposed to visit someone at a particular time, and you somehow missed it, the tendency is there for you to begin to feel somehow and you'll avoid it for as long as you can, not realising that time is ticking, it's true what they say, time waits for no man.
Reflect on this while i ponder on the next issue. Remember, everything you need is in you, just seek it out. Shallom

Monday, August 10, 2009

Who are you?

I'm sure seeing this, some people will answer this question by saying their names, but really how can a question that seems to be so simple give people a hell of time. Many times, you go for an interview and the interviewer says, tell me about yourself. And you just go blank and you begin to think, 'how am i supposed to answer that?' To answer this simple question properly, we all need to embark on a self realisation journey, before you can tell another person about yourself, you need to know who you are. Your whole entirety can not be summarised in your name. On this self realisation journey, you need to discover yourself, discover your values, the things you believe in, your strengths and weaknesses, your thought patterns and all the details that surround your whole being.
If you don't know yourself, you will definitely miss out on things that are supposed to be yours. The story is told of a cub that was lost in the forest, the cub was picked up by a shepherd and was raised in the midst of sheep, the lion grew up as a sheep, ate like a sheep, thought as a sheep and would run away with the other sheep when the lions came. This continued for a very long time, because the lion had lost its identity. Then, one day, the lion went for a drink at the river and looked into the water and saw a lion, it was so terrified and ran back to the sheepfold, it refused to go out till it almost died of thirst and hunger, so one day, it went out to have a drink of water and when it got o the river, as it was about to have a drink, it saw the lion again, out of vexation, it shouted out, needless to say it was a roar, but then it noticed that, the "lion in the water" did everything it did and it became confused, so, it tried touching it and realise it was just water, meanwhile, the lions at their camp heard the roar and came to see what was wrong. They came and they took him to their camp and he assumed his rightful place.
So, remember in all that you do, discover who you are and always always walk in that light, know that the race of life can only be a good one for people who can differentiate themselves from the crowd. You're a unique being and before you can accept that, you need to first discover who you are. Whatever you do today, discover yourself. SHALOM!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Practise what you preach..

It is so easy for us to point out other people's mistake to them and capitalise on all the wrong things that they do. We tend to notice people's faults and then chide them consistently. The truth is most times we are actually guity of all those things without even realising it, either because they are now a part of our everyday life or because we're just unwilling to change. In reality, we'll notice that when people talk to us about something, we might have noticed that same thing in them first, and then they accuse us of the same thing then we get confused and begin to wonder why they can do it, but we can't. The truth is that it is easier for us all to play the judge and point out all the things that people do wrong rather than being the recipient of such correction.
We really need to start doing all the things that we tell others to do and not be the sort of preachers that are so gifted and can speak but fall short of their own standards. People should be able to shape their lives after our actions and not just our words. We need a change in our general orientation, we must not be so taken up with removing the speck in other people's eyes that we refuse to see the huge logs in ours. If we'll be of any help to anybody, we must first work on ourselves, remove the logs carefully, then proceed to help others.
Hypocrisy creates a false shelter for those who seek the easy way out, they feel safe and believe no one would be the wiser, but it soon fades out and they'll soon find out that you can only fool people for so long. So, the word for today is, practise what you preach and the world would be a better place for us all to live in. SHALOM.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The memoir of an 80 yr old woman

Today i celebrated my 80th birthday, i felt really out of place with all those speeches, the smiles that lit up people's faces as they glanced at me, the beautifully decorated hall and everything was just wonderful. While people talked about me, i couldn't help but wonder if we were gathered to celebrate someone else or it was just me. It was really an awesome day for everyone gathered here apart from me. I had to wear that charming smile so my husband, children and grand children wouldn't notice. I felt like i was living another person's dream, it was just not me. That wasn't the first time I'd have that sort of emptiness wash over me, it happened before, some six years before today when i was being conferred with the award of the Member of the Order of the Niger (MON). All my friends were there, they were so happy for me. If it were possible i could have transferred the award to a more deserving person.For you to understand why i feel this way, i will take you back in time.
I had a very ordinary childhood, went to Pre-creche, Nursery, Primary school within the neighbourhood. As a child, i was rather shy and quiet, i only spoke when it was necessary, and i always did it carefully and quietly so most times i talked, anyone would have to ask about two or three times before they really heard me. The confidence just wasn't there and i got really frustrated when anyone had to ask me to repeat what i had said. I missed a lot of opportunities because the world called for a bold and outstanding personality which i don't have to tell you i did not have. The reason i wasn't confident owes largely to the kind of home i grew up in, my siblings and i were only heard when we were asked something and no "unnecessary discussions" were to be engaged in. We were supposed to keep quiet at all times because our parents made it clear that people did not have time for "stupid talks from kids". Somewhere along the line, i got bitter and decided that i was going to show everyone that i could achieve everything they thought i wouldn't.
I devoted my time to acquiring various degrees, i was always in the spotlight, everyone wanted me to speak at every seminar or workshop and to the "unseeing eyes" i was great. I can't even remember the last time i felt emotional, i lived life as though i were a robot, the people i could call friends are mainly those that were on my research groups. The evening my husband proposed to me was unnecessarily long because i was just there in this restaurant and He was telling me all these things that i can't even remember about desiring to spend the rest of His life with me, since i checked all the options and decided i wanted to have children, i said yes so the evening could at least come to an end and I'll get on with my life. I felt so useless those hours and when he finally slipped the ring on my finger, i remember saying "alright now, let's get out of here, i have somethings to work on" i guess he thought everything would work out once i started having children but it wasn't so at all.
After we got married, i got several maid and about every job in the house had its own maid. My husband just could not understand why i wouldn't "slow down". I guess somewhere along the line, i got obsessed with the desire for greatness. I retired some years back and i can't take it all back, i missed out on my children's growing up years and now that i seem to have all the time on my hands, i can't do anything because they are all married and now have their own children. I can't say that I'm truly fulfilled and that's why i had to sneak in here to write this. My advice for all you young ones, don't let anyone take away anytime of your life, do what you're meant to do, as a child, be all that you're meant to be, don't miss out on your teenage years and enjoy your youthful years. It's a good thing to want to achieve greatness but don't sacrifice your life or that of others all in a bid to be great because great people build lives and not tear them apart.
The real indicator of greatness is attaining success in every area and not allowing some to blossom at the expense of others, because you're meant to enjoy greatness and not regret it, so do not sacrifice your happiness just to prove to others that you can achieve something they think you can't. Do it for your own fulfillment not to spite others. Do it right and celebrate yourself just as much as others celebrate you, in fact celebrate yourself than others would. SHALOM

Thursday, July 30, 2009

What are you still doing there?

Have you ever wondered why you are still on the same spot despite all you've done to be better, the lessons you've learnt and all that you've done to be better? The truth is nothing will change except we take drastic measures, we must do what others wouldn't do to achieve what others wouldn't. Someone once told me that "Everyone will still be the same person in 50 years, what would have changed is the people they've met and the books they've read." We all have to stand up for ourselves to be where we ought to be. We can't keep doing the same thing and expect a different result, if we want to achieve something more, then we have to give something more. Everything has its own price and this price must be paid to get it.
There's always more to everything but the whole package wouldn't come unless we are willing to go the extra-mile. Most times we convince ourselves that to make it in life you need to be highly connected or you need to know certain people to make a difference, but the truth is that what ever you need is already within you, and whatever you don't have, you don't need.So you can decide to analyse and list everything you don't have or work with what you have. A lot of great people today had very humble beginnings, in fact what makes the story sweet to tell is that despite all, they were able to rise above the circumstances surrounding them.
Our relationships are very important to our lives because the people we move with can either make or mar us. There are vision midwives and vision abortionists, the vision midwives help to deliver your dreams, they support, advise and encourage you while the vision abortionists abort your dreams, they tell you you can't do it and give you examples of the people that have tried and haven't succeeded. Until we begin to understand that we need to propel ourselves forward, nothing will change because if we don't believe there's a problem, a solution will be unnecessary. Always think outside the box, the greatest injustice a man can do to himself is to confine himself, once you have a dream, believe in it, refuse to be discouraged. It is your dream and no one has the right to make you feel like it is beyond scope. Avoid people that do not share your dreams or believe in you.
At every point in time, an evaluation is very necessary, that's why you have to be forward looking, have a detailed plan of what you should be doing and where you should be, always try to see if you're still in line. The ultimate goal of everyone is to be the best they can, always concentrate on your strengths and dwell less on your weaknesses because they're only there to keep you in check, they are not the main actors in your life's scene. Work towards achieving your dreams and always put yourself in check. SHALOM!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

You Are Better Than That!!!

Many times we allow jealousy, envy, bitterness and hatred to overshadow our thinking. We begrudge people because they got the job, they're better at some things than we are, they get the attention or whatever reason we want to give. We spend valuable time trying to convince ourselves and anyone who cares to listen that they shouldn't be a head of us in anyway. Jealousy is very brutal, it has marred a lot of lives and will continue to Mar lives until we begin to know that it only destroys and degrades. No good thing can come out of all these negative attitudes.

How many times have we celebrated people without begrudging them because we think we they didn't deserve it as much as us? Every great man alive has first celebrated someone before he came to be celebrated. There's a place of partnership in greatness , we don't have to be the one to start up something, God created every man with specific purposes and if you want to function in another person's capacity, it will be such a fatal mistake that can lead to serious disasters. Until we identify our purpose we will continue to go round in a circle always coming back to the same spot.

When people that are close to us achieve success, we should support, encourage and help them. Not because we expect anything from them but because we believe in them and we will do all that's within our power to help them. we do not choke them or do it out of compulsion but out of love and goodwill. Everyone should do his part without begrudging the other for having more
responsibility or importance. The value of teamwork has been stressed over and over in most establishments because we all know that no lone tree can boast as being a forest by itself because we all need one another to attain the success we all desire.

God has designed everyone to fit into their particular position and when anyone does this, they will indeed achieve greatness because they are fulfilling their destiny but if anyone thinks he wants a better place, it will be like try to fix a round peg in a square hole. It will be a futile effort because you're trying to play the director where you're only supposed to be an actor. God has a specific purpose for your life and until you start fulfilling it, things will not turn out as they should. When this is in our consciousness we know that no one can take away what's ours and that there's nothing to begrudge anyone about because we know that no two people can play the same role in God's design and what is ours can only be ours.

You are who God says you are in all that you do, you are better than you might realise because God has so designed you to be unique, that's why no other person can have the same DNA as you, they can't have you finger prints neither can they have your total composition because you are special and unique and have been designed to be the best that you can ever be. So rather than being jealous, envious, bitter or allowing any other negative thing to overcloud your sense of judgment, celebrate others while fulfilling your own purpose because when you do this, people have no choice but to celebrate you.. SHALOM!!!!